Welcome to the new website!

2015-04-10 17:06:58 from columna1

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog website where I talk about random stuff like anime, games, programming, and everyday life.

Let me introduce myself:

     I am a student going to high school and college at the same time (as of 2015) and like to program as a hobby. I play piano, and I'm currently taking piano lessons from Ann Dahl whom I may make a website for. I love anime and watch a lot; here is a list of most of the anime I have watched so far.

The programming languages I know so far are

  • Lua
  • C
  • C++
  • PHP
  • Java
  • and a little bit of javascript, and python.

(html/css is not a programming language you noobs)


I like to do a lot of random projects with love2d, lua for windows, and other platforms/frameworks as well. I will try to keep the cooler things on github but I don't always feel the need to post these things online.

Some projects I have made so far are:

  • Minecraft world viewer(like the maps ingame but better) (lua - love2d)
  • Twitch chat bot (Lua - Lua for Windows) Check http://twitch.tv/greendeathflavor if you want to see it in action!
  • SNES input display/usb adapter made for streaming (C - teensy 2.0)
  • Gamepad button display for the input display (love2d)
  • Many other assorted programs for ComputerCraft (tar reader/writer, midi reader/player, nbs reader/player etc) (lua- computercraft)
  • and more...

Many of these are likely to get their own post later on and I will also post about different projects when they are released.

I like to create things so you might see random cool stuff pop up every once in a while.

Life is hard

Lets get to the hard truth. Before I start, I will say I'm not asking for money or pitty, but if you could help it would be much appreciated.

     I am a poor college student who lives in a house with my mom, a single parent, and my brother. Money is very tight so in order to get by without making our familly go bankrupt I have scavenged whatever electronic stuff I could find. In the end I ended up with a desktop with 1.75gb of RAM and a single core 2.6GHz Pentium 4, luckily I have an AGP Nvidia Geforce fx5950-ultra. Although it works and is making it by, I find it doesn't quite meet my demands anymore, and although it kind of hurts to say so, I think I need to get rid of it and get a new one. So, for the most part my developing as far as games and other intensive programs will be stopped and won't happen. I hope to get a new computer soon but there aren't any promises.


Thanks for reading!

This is just my first post and I hope to make more in the future so stay tuned!

P.S. sorry about my bad grammar, spelling, and formating. I may ask a friend to edit later but I am not the best at these things.