Awesome Find!

2015-04-16 21:34:54 from columna1

     I stumbled upon an ad on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago. He had quite a few things listed but something caught my eye. He had a 2TB external hard drive for $35. I emailed him to see if he still had it as it had been a whole month since he posted the add and it turned out that he did. I then asked him to wait because I could not immedietly get a ride and he did. He was kind and waited about two weeks before I could go out to buy it. That was a steal!

     So last Saturday I went out with my friend and we drove the hour trip out there to buy it and I got it! When I got home I immedietly plugged it in preparing to format it but then I decided to look around in it and what do you know the guy didn't wipe it. Then BAM, I found 1.6TB of movies. Full length feature films. 1,686 of them... I had scored. I now plan to give some movies to a local bus driver for his buses to show to his customers on long rides, I plan to use the movies on long rides for my scout troop's bus, and my friend has taken as many as he can fit on his hard drives. I'm so excited about this hard drive and the great deal I found. Every once in a while I'll get a deal and I'll post about it in my blog. Thanks for reading!