A Working server!

2015-04-16 21:43:39 from columna1

On the topic of awesome finds, let me post about some awesome finds I have gotten in the past.

     A few months ago my mom was surfing craigslist and found a post about a pile of stuff on the side of the road. One of the items listed was a "server". Not knowing what to do my mom asked me and I made her drive out to look at it. I found it and loaded it up into the trunk, we also got a maglight, awesome ipod dock speaker system, and an easy bake oven (for my brother). We got it home and I plugged it in, and what do you know. It worked... fully. It has 6gb of ram, 1.6tb of storage space with 6 drives and hardware raid, 2 xenon 3.x ghz processors. and everything worked! That was one amazing find but I don't run the server now. It's too noisy to run in my house and I have nowhere else to put it as it needs a decent internet connection. As for now it will sit on top of my dresser waiting for the day it is needed.