An Awesome Calculator

2015-04-19 09:36:31 from columna1

     About a year or two ago I went to a goodwill store near here right around christmas time. I was looking around in the electronics section when something caught my eye. Under a bunch of other stuff I saw what looked like a ti-83. At that point I was very excited so I picked it up, took the cover of it, and found out that it was a ti-89! I was estatic! I then turned it over and saw the price tag and my jaw almost fell off. $15 was all it was marked at. I ran to my grandmother and had her buy it as it was an amazing deal.

     That also reminds me of a good deal I had a year or two before that at a local pawn shop. I went in around christmas time and looked around and saw a ti-83+ in the display case. I went up to the guy who was behind the counter and asked him how much it was and he said "Hey kid, I'll give it to you for $20" I then made my mom buy it as soon as possible before the guy changed his mind (which he couldn't do anyways). Although, as we walked out I could hear someone, his manager perhapse yell at the poor guy because the calculator was supposed to be $80 and the guy didn't know.