A Puush like system

2015-05-05 11:17:45 from columna1

I have used puush to upload screenshots with the press of one or two keys and I have loved it for a while. I recently decided that with my new webserver I could make my own puush like system. I googled different solutions and found an open source program called ShareX which allows you to have custom uploaders (It allows you to upload to sites other than puush or one that you specify yourself). Having just learned html, css, php, and mysql myself I wanted to try and make something very similar to puush and the result I think is pretty awesome. I made a custom upload php script for images, files, text files, and links (for link shortenting) I also added a symlink (columna1.com/l/xxxx) for links. The script makes a 4 digit uuid and uses that for the filename/id of the content. I then went to work adding an interface using php, mysql, and html. The result is as follows.

When you first go to the site you are greeted with a login page


The page is very simple and barebones. I didn't need much.

Once you log in you are greeted with your content page

From here you can look at what you have uploaded so far and/or remove them.

You can also go into settings to see your custom upload key (not shown for obvious reasons) and change your passwords


I have two different kinds of accounts, regular users and admins. I am an admin and as such I have an extra tab called "users". This allows me to add new users, change user's passwords, delete accounts, or view their own uploaded content


I have it set up so that I can copy a link and press two buttons to shorten the link instantly.

I love this system and I have a friend that im going to set up a similar system for.

The system is invite only and I will not accept random people because of space issues on my webserver. (also security issues and the like)