Snes Input display

2015-06-05 11:28:44 from columna1


As some of you probably know this has been in the works for like 6 months. But a few weeks ago my Friend and I sat down and worked out the firmware and finished the design. I also went and Priced everything out which you can find on the spread sheet linked on the order page and added a paypal buy button. I am not charging for labor so if you buy the parts I'll assemble them for you for free and then send it to you.


This uses the Teensy 2.0 which is not very fast so it was hard to make it work with my retro duo. There is no garuntee that it will be fast enough to work with your console as every console has its own querks and suttle speed differences. In theory there should be no difference between my clone console and the real SNES but only testing can tell. I was thinking of using a teensy 3.1 but I am just a programmer and not a electronics guy so I have no idea what to do with the voltage differences.

Have fun and order soon (prices don't like to go down)